Arm pits come in all shapes and sizes

My daughters current bestie is a stuffed, red, Clifford the Dog. She found him in good condition at Savers for $3.99. We purchased him, stuck him in the washer and the minute he came out of the dryer they became inseparable. He has a very lovable tilted head and a friendly wobbly smile. Clifford (or Clippard as she pronounces it) does everything with Sarah, from going to the dentist (and being seen first) to sleeping with her at night. The other day my husband discovered something -- Clifford has arm pits (kind of). Sarah was THRILLED! So, I showed her that she too had arm pits, zowie! She reached over to me, pulled my tshirt sleeve back and discovered that her mom ALSO has arm pits, a bit hairy and pokey arm pits. Dad also has arm pits. I happily shouted for him to show Sarah his pits too. Daddy has arm pits too and they are HAIRY! Sarah was wide eyed and astounded. And then, the icing on the cake, I told her that "someday she will have arm pit hair and she can even shave it if she wants to!!!" She was overwhelmingly thrilled with the very idea, just speechless with joy. Armpits!

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  1. I have always been intrigued with Sarah's interchanging of stuffed animals. She hasn't had a favorite until Clifford, and it is kind of fun to see. It's like she found her best friend in a little red plush dog.